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SRPS Open Wagons (general merchandise) List

Until the 1960s, railways were legally bound to accept any freight on offer, and handled everything from small consignments to train load freight. General goods were transported in open wagons, which could be covered by a tarpaulin to keep out the weather, or in covered vans.

Small consignments by freight train were picked up at local goods yards, and trans-shipped to other vehicles as necessary until they arrived at their destination. Similarly, individual wagons could be shunted on to several trains before reaching their destination. The tarpaulins or "wagon sheets" were individually numbered and - like the wagons themselves - had to be tracked and returned to their owning company at the earliest opportunity.

NumberDescriptionDate Built
51026 8 ton 4-plank Open, Great Northern Railway c.1880
4010 ton 7-plank Open (ex van), MOD, Rosyth Dockyardc.1910
93177 12 ton 5-plank Open, Midland Railway 1920
  4-plank bogie Open (short wheelbase)1939
416133 5-plank High Goods, London Midland & Scottish Railway 1943
E315913 13 ton steel sided High Goods, British Railways 1949
B458977 13 ton steel sided Medium Goods Wagon, British Railways 1951
B722106 12 ton Shock 5-plank High Goods, British Railways 1952

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