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SRPS Tank Wagons List

Since the 1870s, tank wagons have been used to transport liquid products in bulk. Ever since then, virtually all tank wagons have been owned by the chemical companies or private leasing agencies rather than by the railways themselves. Because of commercial pressures to ensure speedy and safe delivery, privately owned tank wagons have generally kept up with wagon design improvements, so as to enable fast running.

They are divided into Class A (highly flammable liquids) and Class B (less flammable liquids - oil, paraffin, etc.). From the earliest times - in case of leakage - bottom valves for gravity discharge have been permissible only on Class B wagons. For most of the 20th century, Class A tankers were painted silver or light grey.

Number Description Date Built Builder
78 Rect. Tank Wagon, Scottish Tar Distillers, Falkirk 1877 Cowlairs
13 10 ton Tank Wagon, Oakbank Oil Company 1894 Pickering
A43 Tank Wagon, Shell BP 1897  
161 14 ton Tank Wagon, Naval Store 1918 Hurst Nelson
20 14 ton Tank Wagon, Briggs, Dundee 1918 Hurst Nelson
17 14 ton Tank Wagon, Briggs, Dundee 1927 Roberts
206 20 ton Tank Wagon, BP 1930 Met.Cam.
241 20 ton Tank Wagon, BP 1940 Standard
4 20 ton Tank Wagon, BP 1941 Hurst Nelson
14 14 ton Acid Tank Wagon, Ministry of Supply 1941 Hurst Nelson
252 20 ton Tank Wagon, BP 1951 Grazebrook
261 20 ton Tank Wagon, BP 1956 Hurst Nelson
BPO67496 45 ton TTA Tank Wagon, BP 1966 Pickering

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