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21 ton "Flatrol EAC" Wagon, British Railways No.B900123

21 ton Flatrol Wagon, British Railways No.B900123
In Bo'ness east headshunt, 8 June 2007. Photo SRPS.

Acquired June 2007. Built 1959, BR Darlington.
Diagram 2/530, Lot No.3252. Acquired from A. Goodman.

The "Flatrol" family of trolley wagons ranged for 20 ton to 120 ton capacity. The larger wagons were bogie designs, however this 21 ton example has two axles only. The wagon is vacuum braked, with a vacuum cylinder at each end, and from new it had a through air brake pipe, fitted to UIC standards. It was designed to operate via train ferries to mainland Europe. Flatrols were intended to carry tall loads, and to stabilise and support such loads this wagon was originally provided with longitudinal baulk timbers which rested on the raised ends. The length of the well is 18 feet 4 inches.

The published list gives the place of construction as Shildon, however the builders plates which are fitted indicate that the wagon was built at Darlington, possibly Faverdale Works.

BR built 183 Flatrol wagons, of which 70 were two-axle wagons similar to this one. B900123 was acquired from A. Goodman.

D. Rowland, British Railways Wagons, London 1996.
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