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'Swindon' Inter-City Class 126 DMU car Sc59404

Trailer Composite Lavatory coach Sc59404 pictures

SRPS Core Collection. Acquired from the Swindon Diesel Preservation Society, grant aided by the National Fund for Acquisitions. Refurbished and restored with Heritage Lottery Fund support.

Trailer car Sc59404 is one of the batch of 11 Inter-City DMU "TCL" (Trailer Compartment Composite Lavatory) cars built especially for Glasgow - Ayshire services in 1959.

It has 7 compartments, all built to spacious First Class dimensions. However BR Scottish Region took the view that that there was insufficient First Class business on offer, and so 4 of these compartments were finished as Second Class. This was certainly the best Second Class accommodation on the train, as the rest was in saloons with engines fitted underneath.

Sc59404 has been extensively refurbished at Bo'ness by SRPS volunteers. It is almost complete.

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