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Glasgow & South Western Railway 6-wheel passenger train Brake Van No.122

SRPS Core Collection. Acquired in 1967. In use by the Steam Locomotive Department.
Built 1901, G&SWR Kilmarnock Works. Diagram 16.

Development from short 4-wheeled coaches to 6-wheeled ones like this vehicle improved the ride, but by modern standards they were still uncomfortable. Nevertheless, 6-wheeled (and some 4-wheeled) carriages remained in use on branch line and workmen's trains into the 1930s.

This van was built during James Manson's superintendency, and is a late example of a 6-wheeled carriage. It would originally have been painted in the company's maroon livery, lined and lettered in gold. It has seats and lookouts for the guard, and a coal fired stove.

When new it would have been used on the G&SWR's express trains between Glasgow or Carlisle, and Stranraer. The body is 31ft long.

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