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Created in 1923 at the same time as the LNER, the LMS in Scotland grouped the Caledonian, Glasgow & South Western and Highland Railways. Initially the LMS built its own versions of old pre-Grouping designs.

LMS "Period 1" designs, built up to 1929, were developments of the Midland Railway's practice at Derby.

"Period 2" designs were built from 1929 to 1932, and the non-corridor versions had flush steel panelling.

William Stanier took up his appointment as Chief Mechanical Engineer in 1932, and the later "Period 3" LMS coaches were always referred to as "Stanier coaches". They retained a wooden bodyframe, but were steel flush panelled, while the interiors showed art deco features.

Construction of the LMS designs continued for several years into BR days, until new designs were ready. The BR-built LMS-design coaches could be distinguished by their "porthole" lavatory windows.

NumberDescriptionDate Built
12059 Third Class Non-Corridor Compartment coach 1930
37817 Luggage, Mail & Parcels Van 1935
31036 Full Brake coach 1939
27389 BR (LMS design) Third Class Open coach 1948
27407 BR (LMS design) Third Class Open coach 1948
24725 BR (LMS design) Corridor Composite coach 1950
DB999502 (LMS design) Inspection Saloon 1959

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