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20.5 ton Lowmac SG Wagon, British Railways No.B904141

20.5 ton Lowmac Wagon, British Railways No.B904141
Bo'ness West Loco Yard, 5 June 2007. Photo SRPS.

Built 1958, BR Swindon Works. Former grey livery.
Diagram 2/252, Lot 3101. Acquired June 2007, from A. Goodman.

Lowmac designs achieve the lowest possible deck height, so as to allow the carriage of tall loads, such as machinery or road vehicles. This is a very long wagon for a two axle design, but bogies could not have been provided without restricting the length of the low deck, which is 15 feet long and only 1 foot 3 inches above rail height. The wheelbase is 25 feet 6 inches, and the wheels are comparatively small at 2 feet 9 inches diameter. As built, this wagon was vacuum braked, but continuing use in the 1990s led to the additional fitting of a through air brake pipe, seen fitted along the outside of the frame.

The wagon was built with a wooden deck, shown removed to give access for repairs to the steelwork required after half a century of use.

This type of wagon was not required in large numbers, and British Railways built just 510 similar wagons. The design may be a derivative of a Great Western machinery wagon.

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