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20 ton Brake Van, London Midland & Scottish Railway No.731916

The van in NCB use and as restored at Bo'ness, two pictures

Built 1945, Diagram 2068.
SRPS Core Collection. Now restored to LMS livery.

This is the final style of LMS 20 ton goods brake van, built in large numbers up to 1950.

This van is believed to have been built with a hand brake only, with no vacuum brake equipment. However at some time before it was acquired by SRPS it was fitted with a through vacuum pipe with a setter valve, so that the Guard could apply the train brake from his van. It was donated by the National Coal Board, and was used at Comrie Colliery in Fife. The photographs show the van during NCB ownership, and at Bo'ness after conservation and restoration to LMS livery.

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