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Type 2 Class 27 BoBo locomotive,
British Railways No.27005 (D5351)

Type 2 Class 27 BoBo locomotive, British Railways No.27005 (D5351)
In service at Bo'ness in the 1980s, in "original" livery, as D5351. Photo W.S.Sellar

SRPS Core Collection, acquired 1987. On display in Museum Hall 2. BR blue livery.
Built 1961, Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Co. 1,250 BHP.

This is a BR Modernisation Plan "Type 2" design by the Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Co. of Smethwick. A total of 116 similar locomotives were built. The first batch of 47 locomotives, which was delivered in 1958 and 1959, had Sulzer engines capable of 1,160 b.h.p. They were under-powered for some duties, and later locomotives had uprated engines which could produce 1,250 b.h.p. When later categorised by TOPS, the 1958/59 locomotives were identified as Class 26, and those with the more powerful engines, which were built in 1961/62, became Class 27.

Twenty two Class 27 locomotives, including D5351, were allocated when new to Scotland, mostly to Eastfield Depot, Glasgow. Other members of the class subsequently moved north and were employed on passenger and freight duties throughout the Scottish Region.

Eighteen members of the class were modified and used from 1971 on the Scottish Region flagship Edinburgh - Glasgow service, replacing Inter-City DMUs until they were themselves replaced by push-pull fitted Class 47 locomotives in 1979. To achieve fast turn-round times and high utilisation, the Class 27s operated the service with a locomotive at both ends of the train.

D5351 was allocated when new to Eastfield Depot to work the West Highland line. Renumbered as 27005 in 1973, it continued to be an Eastfield engine until eventually withdrawn from service in July 1987. It remains in "as built" condition, including the steam boiler used for train heating.

Acquired with the aid of a National Fund for Acquisitions grant.

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